The Forum is currently actively involved in campaigning for the implementation of measures to improve pedestrian safety as well as elderly and disabled access across the Community Area. Among the measures we are pressing for are greatly improved maintenance of pavements and footpaths both in Bradford On Avon and in the villages, for the removal of obstructions, such as over-hanging and unmaintained hedges, advertising boards and other objects from pavements, and for more dropped kerbs and safe, clearly marked pedestrian road crossings.

The Forum continues to be actively involved in campaigning to protect and improve local and community bus and public transport services. We are also involved in campaigning for the construction of a second pedestrian river crossing close to the Town Bridge in Bradford On Avon so that fewer people have to use the narrow, often poorly maintained pavements on the Town Bridge.

The Forum is actively involved in the drive to make Bradford On Avon a Dementia Friendly Community. It is also taking active steps to try to increase the number of older people taking Falls Prevention Training – Bradford On Avon currently has the highest rate of people in Wiltshire aged over 65 who suffer falls that result in hospitalisation.